Welcome & Why

Three weeks ago I turned 23. Like most young twenty something’s, 22 was not at all the way Taylor Swift described it. So, I’ve decided starting right now I’m not going to take any more shortcuts and my life is going to be the absolute best I have the power to make it. From here on, I want to be radiating the positive energy I hope to receive from those whom I surround myself with.

This decision required a lot of changes:

  1. Clean out my closet (including the pile of shoes on the floor), dresser, etc. – I took everything out, physically cleaned it (who knew that pile of shoes was hiding so much dust), put back what needed to be there and donated what didn’t. And, just to keep myself from refilling it, I made a specific list of items of clothing I would like to own to try to cut back on mindless shopping (i.e. just because it is on sale does NOT mean you need it).
  2. Clean out my fridge – I am a junk food fanatic, a bag of Cheetos and a pack of Oreos is a perfectly acceptable dinner in my book. But they say put good in to get good out, and that’s what I need to do.
  3. Clean out medicine cabinet –You might be surprised that the Costco sized bottle of Tylenol you bought your freshman year of college has, in fact, expired.
  4. Start a blog – Having somewhere to publicly post what goes on in my life provides a certain level of accountability to this new plan. I’ll have to actually follow through on some of the hundreds of craft projects and recipes I’ve pinned on Pinterest and visit those museums and restaurants I dreamed of going to freshman year before I had a car.

While I do not aspire to be anyone’s life coach, I hope that you find this place of positivity inspirational. That it may help you find the motivation to do what is in your power to constantly make your life as joyful as you deserve.



6 thoughts on “Welcome & Why

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