Healthy Eating: Laying the Groundwork

When I say I love junk food what I really mean is, I don’t like healthy food. While I wish I was one of those people who just loves salad, I’m more similar to the 6 year-old who throws a temper tantrum when she can’t have dessert because there’s still asparagus on her plate. I was raised on fast food, which, while delicious, left me with a very limited understanding of nutrition.

This woman is much happier with salad than I am

This woman is much happier with salad than I am

I’ve come to rely on “Eat This, Not That” as a quick reference guide as to which grocery items are really worth getting, now that I’ve learned you can’t trust the calories alone. It’s also useful for finding the best options at a wide array of restaurants. For the first time ever my fridge is stocked with fresh and frozen produce and protein and after only a week I can feel my body running better.

My collection of "Eat This, Not That" books

My collection of “Eat This, Not That” books

I’m still not exactly looking forward to my daily salad, but I’ve survived this week so I know this is actually doable, and worth it.


11 thoughts on “Healthy Eating: Laying the Groundwork

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  8. I hope you don’t feel like you only have to eat salad. There are so many wonderful, healthy and exciting options for healthy eating! I love a good salad but definitely not every day. Find the things you love and eating healthy can be fun! (Promise!)


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