Happiness: Part 1 of Infinity

Sometimes you have a bad day and there’s just nothing you can do except find happy things. It can be as simple as stumbling across your favorite song the radio or treating yourself to a guilty pleasure. This begins my first (and probably most important) series: Happiness. Here are 3 things I’m finding happiness in today.

How could this not make you happy? Look at that face!

How could this not make you happy? Look at that face!

1. Corgi GIFs: I’ve recently become infatuated with Corgis. And once I have a lifestyle more conducive to pet ownership I must get one. In the meantime the Internet provides me with plenty of GIFs and YouTube videos to tide me over.

2. Pedicures: I rarely get my nails done. I don’t like spending money on something I can do myself and (especially with manicures) I know I’m going to ruin within 24 hours. But I think this weekend I’ll treat myself to a pedicure from my new favorite nail salon. It’s inexpensive, convenient (as long as you remember it’s cash only), and while I’ve only gone for a pedicure they did a perfectly fine job. My only complaint would be a limited selection of polishes, but I always bring my own favorite as a backup!

3. Roar: I know people were more excited about Lady Gaga’s “Applause”, but I personally prefer Katy Perry and absolutely LOVE “Roar”. There’s nothing like a fun, positive, energizing song to sing along to in the car.


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