To Do List: Part 1

This is the first of my new series “To Do List“. There are plenty of things in life that make me think to myself, I should try to do that more often. But it’s time to commit. Here are the first three things I’m working to make part of my daily routine, little changes with potentially big results:

How to make a bed with hospital corners

How to make a bed with hospital corners

1. Make the bed, yes, everyday: It’s amazing how just making your bed instantly makes your room look ten times cleaner. No pillows on the floor, no exposed bed sheets crumpled up from tossing and turning in your sleep. It does make a difference.

2. Floss: I always fancied myself above average here, but after a trip to the dentist last week I got a stern lecture that flossing every two to three days was not enough and I need to do it every night. Not fun, but probably good for me.

3. Stretch: I used to be really good about stretching before bed every night but I’ve been pretty forgetful about it lately. I’m not into meditation so stretching is a nice relaxing nightly ritual to help me get ready for bed.


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