Happiness: Part 2

So tomorrow is moving day (hence the lack of posts) and I figured it was an appropriate time for part two of Happiness. Even though it has been a very stressful few weeks I’ve managed to keep it together and am actually looking forward to the big move tomorrow!

Fresh socks!

Fresh socks!

1. 8tracks: While Pandora and Spotify are great, I really love how you find playlists on 8tracks. Do you want to “relax” or do you want to “study”? There’s a playlist for that.

2. McDonald’s Any Size Dollar Drinks: I love soda; even though I’ve cut way down I still treat myself on occasion. Whenever I’m really upset or stressed out my mom usually recommends I “stop and get a Coke”. (FYI in the south “Coke” means any soda) And it’s true, sometimes you just need to sit down and sip a cold soda.

3. New socks: I’m not one to rush to wear a new outfit as soon as I buy it, but I love a new pair of socks. So cushy. So comfy. So white. They are quite possibly my favorite article of clothing to buy.


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