In the Nude

I’ve decided I’m going to get back into wearing high heels. In college I became one with my flip-flops and ever since heels have seemed like an insurmountable task. If I’m being realistic, I don’t walk around that much during … Continue reading

OCD Love: How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

I have a new OCD cleaning trick I’m way too excited about. Unfortunately because I was so pessimistic about it actually working (given the week I’ve had) I don’t have a before picture. But anyone who has the same problem … Continue reading

Old Faithful: The Rose Bowl Flea Market

After last week’s trip to the Melrose Trading Post, the Rose Bowl Flea Market seemed much larger and overwhelming than usual. That being said, I’ve never left the Rose Bowl empty-handed and today was no different. We scored some great … Continue reading

My Favorite Melrose Place

Yesterday I was finally able to mark a long-standing item off of my to do list. I visited the Melrose Trading Post and pretty much hit the jackpot, making huge strides in furnishing our new apartment. I’d been wary of … Continue reading