To Do List: Part 2

I’ve been so caught up in the never-ending project of getting my new apartment in order I haven’t had the time or energy to post. But I’m fixing that with this new list of commitments.

An easy daily makeup routine

An easy daily makeup routine

1. Wash my makeup brushes weekly: As I’ve mentioned this is not something I’m diligent about, but that definitely needs to change.

2. This may sound weird but give me a chance, wear more makeup: I’m really lazy about wearing makeup. I see the same people pretty much every day and we’ve all had not so glamorous moments at work. It’s easy to just throw in the towel and get by with the bare minimum. But, I feel better when I know I look more fresh and awake, plus it’s kind of fun!

3. Stop saying “I’m busy”: I think part of this to do list is acknowledging the fact that I’m not as busy as I tell myself. I do have the time and energy to incorporate these small changes into my life for the greater good. This great article about the busy trap we all have fallen into is a reminder that being “busy” is not bragging rights and we can accommodate more into our lives than we like to pretend.


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