My Favorite Melrose Place

Yesterday I was finally able to mark a long-standing item off of my to do list. I visited the Melrose Trading Post and pretty much hit the jackpot, making huge strides in furnishing our new apartment. I’d been wary of going because as a loyal Rose Bowl Flea Marketer, I had heard the trading post was smaller and the prices weren’t as competitive. However, I think I may be a convert. Yes, it is smaller and there are many booths that just have clothes (namely high-waisted denim cut-off shorts) but for me it is closer to home, a more manageable size, and the prices are just as good.

Great industrial style bookshelves by Reclaim

Great industrial style bookshelves by Reclaim

Needless to say I will definitely be returning. However, since we are still a few pieces shy of having a completely furnished home and the Rose Bowl Flea Market is next week, we will be there. While I unfortunately didn’t get the information of all the vendors I purchased from, I’d like to highlight two in particular.

The desk we bought by Reclaim

The desk we bought by Reclaim

This beautiful desk is from Reclaim and although it was the most expensive purchase of the day it was a great investment piece with an interesting back-story. The top is made from a 1932 wine barrel from a region I can’t recall, but it sounded fancy and we were immediately sold. It was exactly the look and dimensions we were hoping for to use as a shared workspace in our office/guestroom. Plus it is a perfect balance of the vintage/country look I like without being too girly shabby chic.

Stacked crate bookshelves

Stacked crate bookshelves

I’ve seen these on Pinterest for a while and told myself that if I ever stumbled across a pile of abandoned crates, I’d make one. Since that discovery seems unlikely I was pleasantly surprised to find one already made for me, and completely affordable from ReCircle Matter. Again, it’s a shabby chic feel without being too feminine and given the boy’s extensive book collection it provides an interesting and versatile space for storage and displaying knick-knacks.

We scored this great shabby chic dresser

We scored this great shabby chic dresser

As a side note, we also got this great dresser (no more living out of a suitcase!) that happened to match perfectly with side tables I got at the Rose Bowl Flea Market a year ago, which means no need for any painting!


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