Forgetting the Weekend

After a rather unsuccessful weekend and a rough start to the week, the end of Wednesday has allowed me to begin fantasizing about the coming weekend and help put the past few days behind me. It all started with another table debacle.

Our failed coffee table makeover

Our failed coffee table makeover

A while back we purchased this oval coffee table from one of my favorite thrift stores for only $145. We hadn’t gotten around to painting over the unattractive red until this weekend. Since the bedroom furniture and kitchen table are all white we decided to switch it up and picked Valspar’s Stone Mason Gray. However, once painted the color reminds us more of a baby blue than the rich gray we selected from the paint swatch. After hours of crawling around on the floor painting three coats I was not amused. I’m sincerely hoping that the color is off because the paint had been sitting unused for too long and merely needs to be re-mixed. Although we purchased an entire gallon we do not want any more sky blue furniture.

The boy's matchbooks and my ticket stubs in our vintage candy jars

The boy’s matchbooks and my ticket stubs in our vintage candy jars

To make up for the failed attempt at revamping the table I decided to make myself feel somewhat accomplished so I filled our new candy jars with each of our collections. One small victory!

Early Halloween treats!

Early Halloween treats!

And to top it off I treated myself to a some festive sweets, Halloween Krispy Kreme heals all wounds. Here’s to a more successful weekend!


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