OCD Love: How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

I have a new OCD cleaning trick I’m way too excited about. Unfortunately because I was so pessimistic about it actually working (given the week I’ve had) I don’t have a before picture. But anyone who has the same problem can appreciate the after.

They look as good as new!!

My beautiful, pristine shower doors

For the first time in years I have glass shower doors instead of a curtain and it completely slipped my mind to purchase a shower squeegee until a month and a half’s worth of hard water buildup and soap scum residue had cloaked our doors. I read online to mix 1 cup of warm vinegar with 1 cup of Dawn and use a scrub brush to get the residue off. Ultimately here’s what I ended up using:

1 tbsp warm vinegar (microwaved for about 20 seconds)

1 tbsp generic dish soap

Applied with the scrub side of a sponge

I used a smaller ratio in case it didn’t work and it was still enough to cover both doors. Afterwards I rinsed it off and used my handy shower squeegee. Now they look as good as new!


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