Meals on Meals

I have a sweet tooth…and a salty tooth, and a cheesy tooth…so without any furniture projects to work on, I had a very food-filled weekend. On Saturday we hit The Original Farmer’s Market and tried Fritzi Dog.

Fritzi Dog Los Angeles

Fritzi Dog Los Angeles

The boy and I were both feeling picky so instead of trying one of the very tempting menu creations, we DIY’d it. I had a stadium dog on a pretzel bun with grilled onions, garlic aioli, and (of course) bacon. The boy had a bird dog (sans bun) with Tillamook cheddar, grilled peppers, and salsa verde with a side of tots and fries.

Hot dogs, the LA way

Hot dogs, the LA way

Sunday we got brunch at Swingers, a Los Angeles institution that has long been on my to do list. It is a very LA diner (can you say quinoa burger?) but there are still plenty of indulgences to choose from.

Swingers diner in LA

Swingers diner in LA

Breakfast is my favorite so I was torn between several options but took our server’s advice and ordered Edwin’s pasta. Carbs plus cheese plus bacon? Yes, please!

Edwin's pasta at Swingers Hollywood

Edwin’s pasta at Swingers Hollywood

The boy had the jerk chicken omelet. Safe to say we were both very satisfied with our brunch choices.

Swingers' jerk chicken omelet

Swingers’ jerk chicken omelet

Even with our delicious breakfast, after a few errands we were too close to one of LA’s best sweet spots to resist temptation. One of the best/worst things about living here is every over the top food trend hits this city and you can’t help but try them all. Cupcakes? Check. Cronuts? Check.

Milk Jar Cookies

Milk Jar Cookies

Recently, all too close to my office, Milk Jar Cookies opened. It is a beautiful mecca of everyone’s favorite comfort food, milk and cookies. Normally I would be very resistant to shell out $3 for a cookie, but these have that perfect balance of chewy and crunchy with a variety of traditional and unique flavors to choose from.

Pumpkin cookie and chocolate peanut butter cookie

Pumpkin cookie and chocolate peanut butter cookie

I went for my usual chocolate peanut butter while the boy tried the seasonal pumpkin cookie. Plus the adorable interior makes the cookie eating experience that much more enjoyable!

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