Cheap Apartment Chic

After over two months of flea markets and thrift stores, World Markets and Targets, sanding and painting, the new apartment is (mostly) finished. Please excuse me while I bask in the glory of my hard work and weekend upon weekend of no social interaction.

Our completed living room

Our completed living room

We updated our Ikea couch with a new cover and picked up a variety of throw pillows from Target. You may recall our coffee table was one of several thrift store makeovers. The side tables are a few vintage style suitcases as well as an authentic one (middle of the stack to the left) that belonged to my great-grandmother. The right suitcase is on an old luggage stand from the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

The media area of the living room

The media area of the living room

Rounding out our seating area is our crate bookshelf, TV stand from World Market, and the boy’s chair from Ikea with one of our Target pillows. The boy collects movie posters but our apartment could only accommodate a few of them and he chose to display his Exodus one in the living room. On the other wall is a gift from my parents, a vintage metal movie sign. And the orchid (my favorite flower) was a sweet house-warming gift.

Morning in our breakfast nook

Morning in our breakfast nook

By the windows framed with Target curtains, we have our shabby chic kitchen table with flea market chairs, a flea market bookshelf, and our thrift store hall tree. On the walls of the kitchen area we’re displaying some of my photographs I had custom framed. With the sunlight coming in it is a lovely breakfast nook.

Our office and guest area

Our office and guest area

In our office/guestroom we have our matching Ikea sofa bed with throw pillows from T.J. Maxx, where we also got the wood side table. In order to make the boy’s surfboards presentable I found these really lovely canvas surfboard bags on Etsy, and now they are worthy of being displayed on our wall. The bookshelf was a great thrift store find, a similar one is at Pottery Barn for much more than we paid. We still need a sophisticated desk chair but the flea market desk is a great piece. We topped off the office with the same curtains found in the living room.

I enjoyed the journey but am glad that it's done!

I enjoyed the journey but am glad that it’s done!

I’ll wait until our new bedding arrives to reveal the bedroom (you can sneak a peek in the above photo). For now I’m very pleased with the results of our work and can’t wait to return to normalcy and some weekend adventures that don’t involve furniture shopping!


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