Southern Shopping

For the first time since high school I’m home for Thanksgiving. It’s a good time to recharge my southernness and I find that I appreciate this place in a new way since living in LA. While I obviously love coming home for the southern hospitality and delicious food, I feel that the shopping here is severely underrated. We may not have the expansive shopping malls of big cities, but I think quality not quantity is what makes our local stores superior.

My mom's booth at University Pickers, Peacock Place

My mom’s booth at University Pickers, Peacock Place

Yesterday I visited University Pickers, a unique antique mall where local independent artists, designers, and crafters sell furniture, home goods, and other items at individual booths. My mom currently has a space there and while I’m partial to her items, there are great finds all over. Below are some photos of things that caught my eye while at University Pickers. I’ll share more of my favorite spots for shopping and food while I’m here, in case you should ever find yourself in Huntsville, Alabama.

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