Happiness: Southern Edition

My series “Happiness” is long overdue a new post. It’s been a great vacation, but I’m already getting anxious about returning to the west coast. I’m trying to relish my last few days in the south and some of the many things here that make me happy.

A snapshot of a Publix from the past

A snapshot of a Publix from the past

1. Publix: Hands down my favorite grocery store of all time is Publix. The employees are so polite and attentive and the items made in their deli and bakery (in particular the chocolate chip cookies) are as good as homemade.

2. Y’all: I’ve noticed lately I’ve started saying “you guys” more often than I say “y’all”. Needless to say this is quite disturbing and I don’t know how I let this happen. Since “y’all” is the only part of the way I speak that gives away my southern heritage, I’m hoping that this extended vacation has set me back on the right path.

3. Football: Correction, College Football. Like many Alabamians I have little to no interest in the NFL. However, college football is less of a sport and more of a religion here. Given that today is essentially a statewide holiday (it’s Iron Bowl day!) it is an ideal time to see this culture in action and each year I look forward to this game more than Thanksgiving dinner.

P.S. War Eagle!


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