Hair Therapy

It took 23 and a half years, but I’ve finally figured out my hair. I’ve always been perplexed that I didn’t have spectacular hair because I felt there were several reasons why my hair should be nearly perfect:

  1. I’ve never dyed or even highlighted my hair.
  2. I rarely straighten or curl it, and if I do I use a heat protector spray.
  3. I don’t blow dry every day.

Despite these precautions, I always have flyaways and split ends and when I do my hair at home it never feels as good as it does after a visit to the salon.

My hair's best friends

My hair’s best friends

This is my new arsenal of hair care and the reasons why my hair is now much closer to perfect:

  1. I’ve started only washing my hair every other day, which was a huge struggle for me, but dry shampoo makes it much easier.
  2. Each week I used a hydrating hair mask that came highly recommended by the Internet.
  3. I used to pick shampoo and conditioner for reasons such as I have a coupon, I like the fragrance, this bottle is a pretty color, etc. Still, no matter what brand I picked my hair was never like it is after the salon. It turns out I was severely underestimating the importance of shampoo and conditioner and instead invested way too much in styling products. Now I use the same brand from my salon and can see and feel the difference.

While I highly endorse the products pictured, they’re what works for me and not everyone has my hair. Probably the most important part of hair care is finding a stylist that you not only trust, but also that you can say “no” to. If you can’t give them honest feedback about what they’re doing to your hair, you’ll never be truly happy with it.


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