To Do List: Part 3

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but I have found myself making a few changes this year. Some have been on my mind for a while and some just happened organically. This is my first To Do List of 2014.

Sweet carbonated deliciousness, how I love thee!

Sweet carbonated deliciousness, how I love thee!

1. Drink less soda: This is one I’ve happened to start doing because I’ve been eating out less. I don’t think I could ever completely kick the habit, but my compulsive online article reading constantly reminds me of the dangers of diet soda, so I thought I should at least cut back.

2. Read: When I first graduated from college I was excited to be able to read just for pleasure and in the first few months I devoured some of my favorite books I had been dying to re-read. Once I got more settled into my job, reading at the end of the day sounded a lot like work.

3. Wash my car monthly: Living in LA means if I’m not at work my car is outside collecting dirt from the pollution filled air. I always find an excuse not to go to the car wash on the weekend and they aren’t open when I leave work, but if I want my car to be resalable I need to take better care of it.


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