My New Valentine

I think I’ve exhausted all Disneyland associated subjects. Though as I’ve said, any further questions are welcome! Now back to non-Disney related postings. I love holidays, but I don’t get too worked up over Valentine’s Day. A few weeks ago … Continue reading

The Happiest Shows on Earth

Personally, I’m perfectly content to sit back and watch the fireworks each evening in Disneyland. But there are so many great shows at the Disneyland Resort you have to stay several days just to see them all. Tomorrowland is home … Continue reading

The Happiest Rides on Earth

Both Disneyland and California Adventure have plenty of attractions from traditional carousels to thrilling roller-coasters. While I could talk about nearly all of them (since I’ve ridden most) I’ll highlight my must-rides when I visit the Disneyland Resort. My first … Continue reading

The Happiest Holidays on Earth

As if Disneyland couldn’t get any more magical, visiting the park during a holiday does add a little something special to your trip. If you’re willing to put up with the extra crowds to enjoy the festive additions, there are … Continue reading

The Happiest Outfits on Earth

Continuing my informative set of posts on Disney things, I have to talk about Disneybounding. If you’re not familiar with it, it is a great way to express your Disney side by creating an outfit inspired by your character of … Continue reading

The Happiest Food on Earth

I’ve always loved all things Disney. Being in such close proximity to Disneyland has been a blessing (for my happiness) and a curse (for my wallet). Throughout college I had an annual pass and I definitely got my money’s worth. … Continue reading