The Happiest Plans on Earth

I’m meticulous in everything I do, and Disneyland is no exception. Disneyland can be an overwhelming place. There are kids hopped up on sugar, wheelchairs and strollers plowing through crowds, and so much to see and do that planning isn’t just helpful, it’s necessary. Utilize the resources Disney’s made available and with some creative preparation of your own you can have an effortless and magical Disney vacation.

Enter the Happiest Place on Earth

Enter the Happiest Place on Earth

Prepare. Plan, check, and double check for maximum Disney dominance. Purchase your tickets ahead of time to avoid lines at the ticket booth. On their site, Disney outlines the pros and cons of visiting at different times throughout the year. You can also look at the daily calendar to see if any attractions will be closed for repairs as well as the parades and shows taking place. For any disability accommodations go online to determine what best suits the members of your party. I’m also a big fan of making dining reservations if you’re looking to enjoy a sit down meal; my personal recommendation is Café Orleans. You can call or visit the website to book a table. Recently, they’ve implemented a penalty fee for no-shows so be mindful of the time while in the park.

The perfect accessories can really make your day magical-I love this Wookiee hat!

The perfect accessories can really make your day magical-I love this Wookiee hat!

If you’re looking to minimize food expenses or avoid lines for snacks, bring in your own munchies. Especially during summer months, a water bottle you can refill at water fountains throughout the park is a great way to save a couple of bucks. While I love looking cute for photo ops, comfort really is key. The average person walks five miles in a day at Disneyland, so don’t use the trip as an opportunity to break in a new pair of shoes. While Southern California is notorious for perfect weather 365 days a year, occasionally a rainy day does strike. Personally, I often prefer to visit on rainy days when locals tend to stay away. Lines are shorter and with the right shoes and an attractive Disney poncho, there’s no reason a little falling water from the sky should interfere with your plans.

The little moments that make Disney special

The little moments that make Disney special

FastPasses are a great way to maximize your time inside the park. Be careful though, they’ve gotten strict about enforcing the time-frame on the pass so be sure to return in your designated window. Check what attractions offer FastPasses beforehand to prioritize the ones you want to get. You can only have one pass per park until the time designated on the bottom of the pass when you can get another. However, you can have a World of Color FastPass and still get one for another attraction in California Adventure. There are many apps you can download on your mobile device to help navigate the park. My go to is MouseWait Disneyland for attraction wait-times, restaurant menus, showtimes, and more.


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