My New Valentine

I think I’ve exhausted all Disneyland associated subjects. Though as I’ve said, any further questions are welcome! Now back to non-Disney related postings. I love holidays, but I don’t get too worked up over Valentine’s Day. A few weeks ago we looked into making dinner reservations and saw how booked everything was. We decided to not make a fuss so the boy had a night out with friends and I had quiet night in watching TV and painting my nails. Also, we knew that the highlight of the holiday would transpire on Saturday.

Blue Plate in Santa Monica on a Sunny Saturday

Blue Plate in Santa Monica on a Sunny Saturday

Saturday morning we dined at Blue Plate in Santa Monica. It’s a great little spot on Montana but it gets pretty busy on the weekends. I enjoyed the indulgent and unique Macaroni and Cheese Pancake. Cheese, pasta, pancakes, and syrup? You can’t really go wrong with that combination. There is also the Blue Plate Oysterette (where we had our first date) and Blue Plate Taco, which are great options if you’re looking for seafood or Mexican and a beach-view.

Blue Plate's special Macaroni and Cheese Pancake, carbs+cheese+sugar, yum!

Blue Plate’s special Macaroni and Cheese Pancake: carbs+cheese+sugar, yum!

Now, I have a confession to make. I don’t like dogs. When I was younger I pretended to be allergic so my friends would keep their dogs at bay. I grew up with cats, so dogs seemed aggressive and their size was intimidating. However, my parents got my brother a dog when we were in high school and I love him to bits. He is a very well trained and lovable Sheltie, who is almost more cat-like than my family’s current cat who is very spunky and social.

My Alabama babies, Shadow and Spartacus, love to cuddle

My Alabama babies, Shadow and Spartacus, love to cuddle

I miss my pets constantly and Skyping with them just doesn’t help bridge the distance the way that it does with my family. Last week, the boy revealed that for Valentine’s Day we would be getting a kitten of our own! After brunch we went to the corner of 15th and Montana where each Saturday dogs and cats are available for adoption. The boy had done some research since he is allergic and found just the right baby for us.

Scarlett, my little super model, adjusting to her new home

Scarlett, my little super model, adjusting to her new home

Scarlett O’Hairy (I love Gone with the Wind and the boy loves bad puns) is our three-month-old Siamese kitten that we are obsessed with. It’s been nearly impossible to leave the apartment all weekend. We’ve spent hours just watching her frolic and cuddling with her. The boy is now a converted cat-lover and I feel the most at home I’ve felt since moving to Los Angeles. If you don’t hear from me for a while it’s because I haven’t eaten or slept in days, I’ve just been staring at this precious creature.

My new baby, lounging

My new baby, lounging


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