LA on Film

I’m currently having camera issues which is keeping me from completing some posts in my queue. Instead, they’ll sit waiting in my drafts folder until my camera is back and I can share quality photos. In the meantime, I thought I’d post some of my old school photography. Around when I started this blog, I converted from film to digital. It was a hard decision, but given the ever-rising costs of processing film and getting photos printed, it just made sense to invest in a digital camera. With my current camera problems, I’m now wistful for my 35mm and Holga 120 days.

The Santa Monica Pier on 35mm

The Santa Monica Pier on 35mm

It’s warm in LA this weekend and when the weather here is too good to be true, it reminds me that I won’t be able to live anywhere else ever again. These are a few of my favorite shots I’ve taken of LA these past few years.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle on 35mm

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle on 35mm

The Grove on 35mm

The Grove on 35mm

Manhattan Beach on a Holga Camera

Manhattan Beach through a Holga Camera


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