To Do List: Part 4

In addition to being without a camera, I recently sprained my ankle during a jog around the block. Thanks to my clumsiness I’ve been just short of on bed rest. As it turns out a sprained ankle really sucks and I’m no good with crutches. Now that I’ve recovered I’m eager to get back to normal life, I can’t stand not being busy.

Yeah, this is not what I look like in my underwear...

Yeah, this is not what I look like in my underwear…

1. Exercise: When I moved to beautiful Beverly Hills I cancelled my gym membership because I thought I’d go jogging around the neighborhood. As it turns out, a little extra sleep is much more appealing than a morning run, especially during the winter. But spring is here and in spite of my recent failure, I shall not be deterred.

2. Buy a big girl bra: Okay, to clarify it’s not that I’m still rocking my pre-teen training bras. I’ve finally realized that my huge assortment of Victoria’s Secret bras are not working for me. I need to go somewhere a little more upscale to get quality underwear that actually fits.

3. Replenish my closet: Over the past few months of moving and trying to start my adult life, I donated a lot of clothes and I don’t miss any of them. However, I still haven’t gotten around to building my new wardrobe. I’ve partially put it off to save money and telling myself I’ll lose a few pounds. The time for excuses is over; grownup wardrobe is long overdue.


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