Parisian Summers

On occasion, a wave of homesickness comes over me. Nothing in particular sets it off-I’ll just get the urge to be in a specific place, crave a certain flavor, or see a familiar face. Most often it’s my favorite fried chicken or curling up on the couch with my mom. Sometimes it isn’t even where I grew up, but a place that’s a significant part of my past. Maybe it’s the sudden heat this week but I’ve been nostalgic for Paris, where I spent the summer before my junior year.

A beautiful Parisian building

A beautiful Parisian building through a Holga Camera

I just got my camera back today and while I prepare some posts I thought I’d share a few favorite old photos of my time in Paris. These are from my Holga, 35mm, and the compact digital camera I used before I made the decision to convert from film photography to digital.

Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette (Digital)

Self-portrait at La Comédie Française on 35mm

Self-portrait at La Comédie Française on 35mm


Catacombs (Digital)


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