Curing Kitten Breath

I grew up with cats and am totally obsessed with the newest addition to my family, but the boy is a first time cat owner and has had a little bit of trouble coping with kitten breath. Scarlett is particularly fond of getting right up in our faces whether it is to lick our chin, rub her face on our cheeks, or just stare longingly into our eyes. As adorable as this is, especially when she’s purring which is most of the time, her breath is less than fragrant.

Eating napkins is way more fun than eating treats

Eating napkins is way more fun than eating treats

At our vet’s suggestion, we tried parsley. She insisted that her cats simply eat it right up and it cures bad breath. Scarlett is apparently one who does not enjoy eating her leafy greens (she must get it from me). We tried letting her play with the entire stalk (which was organic by the way) but she was totally disinterested. But somehow napkins provide endless hours of amusement? Then we put the parsley across the top of her food bowl, then ripped it up and mixed it in with her food, then dried it out to see if the texture change helped and still, nothing. I was proud when I had the ingenious idea to set the parsley in a glass like a vase of flowers, which she never hesitates to nibble on, but even this ploy didn’t work.


Sentry Petrodex, more like Petrodont’s for our picky kitten

Since the variations of parsley were a no-go, we visited PetSmart and purchased Sentry Petrodex Dental Twists Cat Chews as suggested by the very helpful employee. We were optimistic that we had found the cure since she proceeded to bat it around on the floor for a while, which she does with pretty much everything including her food. Unfortunately that was the extent of her plans with the sticks and she never actually tried chewing them.


A breath treat my cat actually enjoys!

Defeated, we returned to PetSmart for another solution. Our sales associate from the prior visit had also recommended Pit’r Pat, but they were out so we ended up with Arm & Hammer Dental Mint Treats. Hallelujah! The baby girl actually ate the mints. Now we can get back to enjoying early morning kitten kisses from our princess.

Now you can eat shoelaces with minty fresh breath!

Now you can eat shoelaces with minty fresh breath!


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