To Do List: Part 5

May has hit LA with a vengeance this week. It got very hot very quickly and it’s done a number on my allergies. This weekend will be one of recovery as I suffer through the abrupt transition to summer. Here is my summer kick-off To Do List.

Easy everyday ingredients with a variety of uses

Easy everyday ingredients with a variety of uses

1. Going natural: In pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, I’ve adjusted my eating habits by becoming aware of what is in my food and therefore going into my body. I’m also taking note of the products I’m using on my body and in my home. There are natural substitutions I can make to my beauty routine and house cleaning to eliminate harmful ingredients and maybe even save money. I’m going to start experimenting with coconut oil in my beauty routine. For the house, instead of using Swiffer wipes I’m switching to microfiber cloths for dusting and saturating them with natural all-purpose cleaner for mopping.

2. Wear glasses: This week I was forced to wear my glasses given my serious allergy issues. I never sleep in contacts but I do wear them all day everyday and my eyes probably need to breathe from time to time.

3. Use lotion: Again, the sudden dry heat that struck SoCal this week has left everyone feeling dehydrated and chapped. I’m lucky to have good skin but I used to be much more lackadaisical about applying lotion daily. Leaving the humidity of the south for the dry desert has made me more vigilant about caring for my skin.


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