I Win at Moms

I can’t pass up the opportunity to say, I love my mommy. My mom is genuinely my best friend, even if it hasn’t always been that way. It doesn’t mean we tell each over everything and blur the boundaries of the parent/child relationship. But I can trust her with anything and when I have good news she’s the first one I want to call.

Mom & I stopped at the Grand Canyon on the drive to LA

Mom & I stopped at the Grand Canyon during the long drive to LA

Living far from home isn’t too bad most of the time. Video-chat and social media really help bridge the distance. It’s low-key holidays, like Mother’s Day, that catch me off-guard and remind me I’m thousands of miles away. At home, Mother’s Day usually consisted of going out to lunch after church (Chili’s is mom’s favorite) and then shopping or just relaxing at the house.

My mom & her favorite child-the cat, Spartacus

My mom & her favorite child

Since it isn’t feasible to fly out for special occasions big and small, I must eagerly await our next reunion filled with food, shopping, and laughs. I love your zombie fixation, hunting for Dr. Pepper during international vacations, and your completely accidental but totally undeniable “cool mom” stature. I hope you know how much I love you everyday, but especially today. Happy Mother’s Day!

The coolest mom in galaxies near and far, far away

The best mom in galaxies near and far, far away


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