Chain, Chain, Chains

This might be one of the easiest jewelry DIYs in the world. I even made two different sets to choose from depending on the look I’m going for. Here’s what you’ll need:

The short version

The short version

  1. Decide how low you want the earrings to hang. When assembled, the chains will be attached at their center, so you need to double the desired length when cutting. Additionally because they hang from their center, one length of chain will appear as two on the earrings.
  2. Cut the chains into sections. Keep in mind the longer the chains and the more chains you have, the heavier the earrings will be. For mine I have two sections of the thin chain and two of the larger one.
  3. Find the middle of each length of chain and slide that link onto a jump ring. Attach the jump rings to the earrings and close. My long pair is five inches (meaning each chain was ten) and the short ones are two (each chain was four).
  4. In the tutorial that inspired these they spray paint the bottom portion of the chains for an edgy, rocker look. I kept mine silver but I’m sure they’d be fun with a pop of neon or any other color that suits your style. Or maybe even some strands of rhinestones instead of chains…there are so many variations to try, I’d love to see your own take!
Long and dangly

Long and dangly


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