LA’s Sweet Side

I may have mentioned once or twice I have a sweet tooth. Despite LA’s organic-vegan-raw-kale-juice cleanse obsession, there are a number of places here to relieve any sugar cravings. With a lot of reflection and samplings to refresh my taste buds’ memories, I’ve itemized my top dessert indulgences.


Classic banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery

1. Magnolia Bakery’s Banana Pudding: Magnolia originated in NYC, the boy’s hometown, and now has locations in LA,  Chicago, and around the world. My first visit was on our second date and we tend to drop by whenever we’re in the area. As a southerner I’ve had quite a bit of banana pudding in my time and this one ranks right up there with the best the south has to offer. It’s fluffy and light with just the right amount of vanilla wafers and slices of banana.

So many cookies!

Milk Jar’s cookie buffet

2. Milk Jar Cookies: I’ve documented my love of Milk Jar before, but I would be remiss if I left them off my list of favorite treats. The cookies have a crisp outside layer, not crunchy, and chewy middle, not mushy. Their chocolate peanut butter cookie is my favorite with literally a glob of yummy peanut butter inside. It’s truly a curse and a blessing Magnolia is within walking distance of my office.

Donut + candy = happiness

Donut + candy = happiness

3. Bob’s Coffee & Doughnuts: I really love donuts. While I’m very satisfied with a warm glazed donut from Krispy Kreme, I have a soft spot for Bob’s. They serve more traditional cake donuts which usually aren’t my cup of tea but are truly irresistible. Located in the Farmer’s Market, I always swing by for a sugar high when I’m on shopping excursion at The Grove. The cake donut with M&Ms is my indulgence of choice, but with their very reasonable prices you should probably just get an entire dozen to sample any that catch your eye.


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