A White T-Shirt & Jeans & A Tux


Michael Kors Goldie sunglasses, Forever 21 tuxedo jacket, J. Crew vintage cotton tank, Kate Spade Saturday The Skinny Jean, Forever 21 earrings & necklace, Isola Ivalee heels, vintage gold clutch

A tuxedo jacket is the ultimate (and easiest) way to dress up jeans. Especially in LA where jeans are basically formal wear. Even after all these years I still go to events expecting to see everyone dressed to the nines only to be surrounded by a sea of denim. I guess if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I have to do a little bit of bragging because I got everything (except the Forever 21 items) at a discount. The sunglasses were an eBay find, the tank was on sale, the jeans were on sale plus the Memorial Day weekend promotion (originally $110, cost me $41.25), and the heels were on sale at Off Broadway. I can’t help it, my body physically rejects paying full price.


Forever 21 earrings & necklace for a little glitz


A touch of vintage always make you feel fancy


Isola Ivalee heels that are actually really comfy


Bonus silly picture!


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