Reasons to Love (Rubbing) Alcohol

Partially because I’m cheap and partially because I’m caving to LA peer pressure to be more eco-friendly, I’m working on substituting aspects of my beauty regimen and housework with overlooked everyday ingredients. Here are some ways I’m incorporating rubbing alcohol into my routine.

A new multi-tasker in my world

A new multi-tasker in my world

  1. Prep for a mani/pedi: I used to only get my nails done for special occasions, but I’m trying to get in the habit of doing them at home for my day-to-day. Before polishing, take a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol and wipe over your nail to remove any oil so your polish will last.
  2. Create your own air freshener: Mix one part rubbing alcohol with six parts water. Add about 20 drops of your favorite essential oil to create your own scent. In addition to fragrances, there are different mental and physical benefits these oils provide. Put the mixture in a spray bottle for a quick spritz in the air to refresh a room.
  3. Remove sticky residue: As much as I love Goo Gone for serious sticky situations, rubbing alcohol can be used to remove the little messes price tags and stickers leave behind. Cover the sticky area and let sit for a few minutes before wiping clean.
  4. Increase your razor’s lifespan: Given my frugal ways, I often buy men’s disposable razors. Yes ladies, we’re getting overcharged by the razor industry. In order to make your razor last, dry after each use and rinse with rubbing alcohol to remove moisture then let air dry.

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