Goin’ to the Chapel

I’ve been MIA because the boy and I took a four-day weekend to attend a wedding in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It was actually my first time in Chapel Hill since previous visits to NC were spent in the more mountainous side of the state. Although a little warmer than LA this time of year, it was great to be in the south for a beautiful wedding weekend.

You know you're in the south when...

You know you’re in the south when…

We stayed at The Carolina Inn and I think I’ll be dreaming about their breakfast buffet’s biscuits and grits for a long, long time. The hotel has a traditional elegance along with moonshine tastings so you have all the best of the south in one place.

Just one small portion of the historic inn

Just one wing of the historic inn

Between wedding festivities and the hotel’s breakfast buffet, most of our meals were accounted for. On our last day the bride and groom (a UNC grad and a Greensboro local) took us to Merritt’s for a taste of their claim to fame before our flight.

A Chapel Hill institution

A Chapel Hill institution

A short hike from the main streets of Chapel Hill, Merritt’s has a notorious BLT along with other sandwich favorites like pimento cheese, fried bologna, and chicken salad. All of the desserts looked amazing but given our love of banana pudding we felt obligated to give it a try. The consistency was more gelatin-like than the fluffy variety we prefer, but there were numerous other sweets awaiting for future visits.

Merritt's infamous BLT

Merritt’s infamous BLT

Since no vacation is complete without a little bit of shopping, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the highlights of this particular venture. The boy has a new infatuation with the preppy southern look, which I fully endorse. He spent a large amount of time at Gentlemen’s Corner (not as scandalous as it sounds) and Julian’s. I got some fun summer items at Bluetique and lovely delicate jewelry at Uniquities.


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