Happiness: Part 5

This edition of happiness centers around the universal joy of getting mail. While I personally prefer to shop for apparel in person, I treated myself to a little Sunday Funday online shopping. In addition to my monthly Birchbox and a few Amazon purchases, I have many other goodies en route that will make everyday this week feel like Christmas.

My most recent Etsy purchase, a beautiful gold foil print from Love Victoria

My most recent Etsy purchase, a gold foil print from Love Victoria

1. Etsy: I have a very serious Etsy addiction and no desire to kick the habit. To be honest, it feels good to think you’re supporting a small businessperson, and it doesn’t hurt that there are so many cute things to buy. I’ve purchased many gifts and home decor items but I mainly love finding unique jewelry. I just ordered two new necklaces and 10 elastic hair ties. Happy early birthday to me!

2. Sephora: Generally, I get my beauty supplies from a drugstore or Amazon since most of my purchase decisions are based on price. However, I really love Bumble and bumble hair products and Sephora has a great online shopping program. You can get free samples, free shipping, and a birthday reward with your purchases. I’ve got industrial sized shampoo and conditioner headed my way and samples I’m itching to try.

3. Jo-Ann: For a very long time I was disappointed with the craft supply store options in Los Angeles. The are some in Santa Monica but that can be a bit of a hike given traffic. Jo-Ann Stores just opened a location near my house, but sometimes it’s easier to sort through all the options online. I’m going to get some serious crafting done when this shipment arrives.


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