I Don’t Like Them Apples…

I hate to be a negative Nancy, but I’ve had an eye infection all week that’s kept me away from my camera and computer, so today’s adventure is all I have to post about. The boy has been bothering me about going to Apple Pan basically since we began dating. I went once several years ago and was underwhelmed (much the way I am with chicken and waffles) but he insisted I give it another try.

The infamous Apple Pan on Pico Blvd

The infamous Apple Pan on Pico Blvd

Apple Pan is one of those notorious LA places that makes people act horrified if you admit you’ve never been. There’s minimal seating so you have to be prepared to fight for a spot at the counter or wait in line. Also, they only accept cash so you have to come prepared. As a soda addict it drives me crazy when restaurants serve cans instead of having a fountain and charge you a couple of bucks when I know I could get an entire 12-pack for $3 or $4.

Burgers far too messy to be served without a plate

Burgers far too messy to be served without a plate

We ordered the Steak burger and Hickory burger, the “classic” menu items, with a side of fries. They serve the burgers wrapped up but I ended up going through about 20 napkins as my meal disintegrated with every bite. The fries are fine, they remind me of frozen ones I could buy at the grocery store. I wish I could say that the burger was a pleasant surprise this time but alas, my memory hadn’t failed me and I was unimpressed. The boy requested that I point out their house-made Hickory (BBQ) sauce is great, but even he agreed that the burgers weren’t as good as he remembered.


An Apple Pan visit mandates an apple pie à la mode

Even though we weren’t wowed by our entrées, the boy was eager to try a slice of apple pie, another Apple Pan “must-have”. Unfortunately, other than the particularly yummy vanilla ice cream, we weren’t blown away by the pie either. So again, apologies to Apple Pan and any fanatic fans, but I’d rather spend one sixth the money and grab a burger at McDonald’s. On a brighter note, my coasters have been working out wonderfully!


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