To Do List: Part 7

Today is a special day. It’s free Slurpee day at 7-Eleven and Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a. Go forth and enjoy free food! I love summer even though it takes on a completely different meaning as an adult. There’s no summer camp or days on end spent by the pool, but you definitely feel it in the air. My morning commute is a little lighter without school traffic, the office is a little quieter with employees on family vacations, and most importantly my birthday is next week. Perfect opportunity to take some me time.

A former Cow Appreciation Day costume

A former Cow Appreciation Day costume

1. Visit museums: Whether it be art or natural history, I enjoy spending a day quietly meandering through museums, taking it all in. While studying abroad in Paris I spent an entire weekend at the Louvre by myself, making sure I visited each piece several times. There are many great museums in LA, but I forget to re-visit them to see the new exhibitions.

2. Avoid passive voice: Recently, I added spelling and grammar check to run automatically when I publish a blog post. Apparently, I use passive voice a lot. Unfortunately, I’m not 100% clear on what it is, why it’s bad, and how to avoid it. Time to brush up on grade school grammar!

3. Embrace holiday decor: Like many, I love holidays. I have a thorough set of rankings and reasons why I prefer some to others. New Year’s and July 4th tie for first, both have fireworks and The Twilight Zone marathons on Syfy. Valentine’s and Halloween are 2nd because of candy. My birthday and Christmas are third for presents. Despite these strong opinions, I own very few decorations. It’s partly because I don’t like spending money, but mainly because apartment living offers little storage space. Regardless, seasonal decor would make these temporary living spaces feel more homey.


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