Hello Sunshine

A couple of years ago I playfully tried on a floppy straw hat at J. Crew. Surprisingly, I thought it looked quite fetching and began lusting after it. For something I knew I would wear so seldom, I couldn’t rationalize spending much money on it. While at Forever 21, I stumbled across a nearly identical simple sun hat for an obscenely reasonable price. To this day I think I’ve only worn it once, but I have no buyer’s remorse.

sun_hats1. Forever 21 Tasseled Straw Sun Hat ($14.80)

2. Gap Border Stripe Floppy Hat ($29.95; on sale for $20.99!)

3. Banana Republic Colorblock Sun Hat ($49.50)

4. Club Monaco Hat Attack Floppy Hat ($89.50)

5. Banana Republic Grosgrain Sun Hat ($49.50)

6. Kate Spade Rio de Janeiro Crocheted Sun Hat ($228)


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