Soul Sista

As a perfectionist I fully embrace the “do it right or don’t do it” philosophy. For example, I workout in phases. I either go to the gym every morning for cardio, weight training, and stretching, or I haven’t exercised in so long I couldn’t tell you what drawer my sports bras are in. Usually these cycles last one to two years and currently I’m in a no workout slump. I have a small dumbbell I lift while watching TV and I occasionally force myself to do a light jog around the neighborhood. It was a pleasant surprise when Birchbox and Women’s Health invited me to a free SoulCycle class. I’d never tried the cycling trend before and thought it would be a good opportunity to do something new and possibly kick-start a new fitness phase. In anticipation of my first class I intended to jog every day, but suddenly work got crazy and my activity level dropped to zero. To illustrate just how unprepared I was I had to go to Target during my lunch today to get appropriate bottoms for class.

Fearful enthusiasm

Fearful enthusiasm

Holy crap. That was intense. Granted, I’ve never taken a cycling class before. My history with group exercise isn’t great. During high school I would infrequently drop in on a Zumba class or crash an aquacise class intended for the elderly to boost my self-esteem. I’m super clumsy and have no sense of rhythm which makes group classes embarrassing and generally a waste of time as I struggle to keep up instead of getting a real workout. SoulCycle is like a dance/yoga/cycling class. It also doesn’t hurt that the room is dark to help hide my coordination failures. I didn’t expect to feel I was truly getting a full body workout and not just bulking up my thighs. The staff at the Beverly Hills location is SO nice (the instructor Lindsay was amazing) and the facilities are modern and immaculate. Depending on how sore I feel tomorrow, hopefully more classes are in my future if I can adjust my budget to accommodate it.

That. Was. Hard.

That. Was. Hard.

I apologize for the selfies, but it was really the best way to capture the immediate before and after.


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