Cheeseburger in Paradise

I got some not fun news today to start my weekend so it seemed particularly appropriate to finally get this post up. Burgers have long been my go-to comfort food. Most often it’s swinging through the McDonald’s drive-thru or, if I’m feeling fancy, popping into Five Guys for a pick-me-up. Los Angeles may fail in the fried chicken department, but there are plenty of great burgers that call LA home.

You can't argue with the Chefs Choice

You can’t argue with the Chefs Favorite

Given our Gilt City addiction, the boy and I purchased a deal for Plan Check as soon as we saw it was a burger place we hadn’t tried. We were wowed by it, especially since we showed up early on Easter Sunday and had the place to ourselves before the brunch crowd rolled in. I had the Chefs Favorite Burger, which was messy and delicious.

Consider this the churro version of the cronut

Consider this the churro version of the cronut

The restaurant has a great open air vibe and a swanky bar. The unique food is paired with equally original condiments including peach ketchup as well as a house-made variety. Since it was a holiday we treated ourselves to dessert. The best way I can describe the cruller donut is if a churro and a beignet had a baby. Yummy!

Don't miss the fun vintage sign

Don’t miss the fun vintage sign

Father’s Office is a more recent obsession since it is only for those 21 and up. The Office Burger might be my favorite of all time. Even though I’m a picky eater, you can’t make any substitutions or exclusions to the burger and I’m so glad because it is perfect the way it is.

The one & only Office Burger

The one & only Office Burger

Add some sweet potato fries, maybe a beer, and you have a perfect meal. There aren’t hostesses or reservations so get ready to fight for a table after you order at the bar. I’ve only visited the Santa Monica location and if you don’t keep your eyes peeled while driving down Montana, you just might miss it.

My favorite turkey burger in the world

My favorite turkey burger in the world

Umami Burger has long been one of favorite places to bring out-of-town visitors. It’s a true LA burger joint but started expanding with locations in NYC, Florida, and Vegas. I get my usual turkey burger, the Greenbird, and cheesy tots. The boy got his favorite truffle fries and tried the new Truffle Especiale at The Grove location. Each spot has special menu items in addition to regular favorites.


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