Happiness: Part 6

Once my birthday is over, summer feels pointless. It’s uncomfortably hot and I can’t skip work to go to the beach. Plus there aren’t any fun holidays until Halloween so there aren’t any excuses for indulgent foods or giving and receiving presents. Until October I’ll have to make up my own reasons to celebrate. Here are a few things that are bringing joy to my everyday life.

The newest member of our family, Savannah

The newest member of our family, Savannah

1. Cereal: In trying to be healthier I gave up my breakfast staple of cereal and opted for oatmeal, Greek yogurt, or smoothies instead. But I saw an ad for Chocolate Cinnamon Toast Crunch and had to try it. Then I bought cereal to make Rice Krispie Treats for my birthday. Suddenly I had accumulated a small collection of breakfast cereals and I have thoroughly enjoyed consuming them all.

2. SoulCycle: As you may recall, I am a recent SoulCycle convert. I’ve been to three classes and I’ve already invested in my own cycling shoes. Given that the studio is a five-minute walk from my apartment is a major plus, but the classes are actually incredible. I look forward to class, have fun during it, and leave on a total post-exercise high.

3. Savannah: Yes, Savannah is my birthday present from the boy and a super cute kitten. We obviously still have my first love, Scarlett, and introducing them has been a little stressful, but we’re definitely making progress. I would like to point out I did not ask for another cat, we stopped by the adoption area where we got Scarlett to say hello, and the boy fell in love. Savannah is a ball of energy and completely fearless. I can’t wait until my babies become best friends and I can snap a photo of them cuddling.


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