I Was Like Baby, Baby, Baby

In addition to all my new-found uses for rubbing alcohol, I’ve learned a few tricks for baby powder. I completely get that not everyone enjoys the fragrance of baby powder, but hear me out. With most of these applications, less is more, particularly when it comes to using it on your face. Do you have any unique tips for baby powder to share?

Top without baby powder & bottom with

Top without baby powder & bottom with

  1. Fake falsies: In between coats of mascara, lightly dust lashes with baby powder to increase volume and give the illusion of false eyelashes.
  2. Stinky shoes: Sprinkle baby powder inside sneakers and let sit overnight. Shake out excess powder in the morning and repeat regularly to help neutralize odors.
  3. Prep for wax: Hopefully your salon does this, but if you’re waxing at home lightly cover the area of skin you’ll be waxing with baby powder to help the wax stick to the hair, not your skin.
  4. Set and finish: Instead of purchasing finishing powder, set your makeup with a light layer of baby powder. To avoid looking like a vampire use sparingly and if necessary cut it with a little powder foundation.

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