East, South, West & No Hampton For Me

Several weeks ago I traveled to the Hamptons for a wedding. I’ve visited New York City many times but never made it to the notorious seaside getaway for the city’s rich and famous. I was looking forward to exploring someplace new and slipping into the delusion that I was part of their world. Coincidentally Martha Stewart, A.K.A. the ultimate domestic goddess, was on my flight east, which immediately led to visions of seaside crafts and design dancing in my head.

The Hampton Maid

The Hampton Maid

As a groomsman, the boy chose for us to stay at The Hampton Maid along with the rest of the wedding party. Across the street from the water, the hotel is reminiscent of a summer retreat straight out of Dirty Dancing. Each room’s porch overlooks the hotel yard and pool. Even though the exterior is rustic, inside the rooms are modern and comfortable.

The view from our porch

The view from our porch

The hotel lobby and gift shop is attached to a local breakfast hotspot. To be frank, I was underwhelmed by the breakfast platter we had. Overall, I enjoyed the Maid’s country charm which reminded me of southern B&Bs I visited with my family when I was younger.

The Hampton Maid hotel & restaurant

The Hampton Maid hotel & restaurant

We spent the last day of our trip exploring East Hampton and perhaps I was naive about the area’s facade of small town charm. It may look quaint, but it underneath the surface there is the competitive and exclusive air that I struggle with in Los Angeles and other big cities. Ironically, to say that I wasn’t a huge fan of the Hamptons might make me sound like a snob, but I prefer communities that put locals and visitors at ease. I’m glad I visited but am not sure I’ll be vacationing in the Hamptons in the near or distant future.

Possibly the coolest hotel room in the world

Possibly the coolest hotel room in the world

And just for fun, my fantasy vacation home…

My future summer home in the Hamptons

My imaginary summer home


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