To Do List: Part 8

Even if it doesn’t feel like it in LA, fall is here and I need a new To Do List. Without further ado…

Is this a feminist?

Is this a feminist?

1. Try new foods/drinks: I’ve mentioned I have a very childlike/Americanized palate. I don’t eat enough fruits and veggies, and smelly or spicy foods easily turn me off. Over the last few years I’ve definitely challenged my taste buds, but there is still plenty of ground to cover especially living in a foodie paradise like LA.

2. Embrace the chore chart: As a child, chores were a part of my Sunday routine. Sharing an apartment with five girls in college made me realize not everyone appreciated cleanliness. There were a number of failed attempts at chore charts and passive aggressive notes. Luckily, the boy and I are both neat. However, I’ve found that our thorough weekly cleaning takes up an entire morning and I hate losing such a large chunk of our weekend. I nerdily made a spreadsheet where we can mark off chores as we do them. Then, on the weekend, we only have to tackle what’s left.

3. Be a feminist?: I’ve always rolled my eyes at feminism. On the whole, I believe women are as capable as and deserve equal treatment to men. That being said, I enjoy my job but have no qualms about someday being a housewife. A lot of  controversy is due to an unattainable standard of political correctness; there is always someone who can find a way to get offended. This week, my mom told me she’s recently been feeling feministy while watching TV shows and movies with sexist storylines and archaic characters. As my mother’s daughter, I’ve also noticed my own increased sensitivity to flippant comments about gender. Maybe I can reconcile my feminism and femininity.


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