Happiness: Part 7

Despite my annoyance at LA’s refusal to accept that it is fall, there are plenty of other things I can find happiness in.

A firey tree from a fall trip to Washington a few years ago

A fire engine red tree from a fall trip to Washington a few years ago

1. The number 7: I love the number seven (and three, if you were wondering) so, as silly as it may sound, the fact that this is Happiness post #7 makes me happy.

2. Autumn leaves: I’m going home for Thanksgiving again this year and I hope I can catch the last of the leaves falling. Palm trees are great, but nothing beats a colorful foliage announcing autumn with a flourish.

3. Mild pain all over your body the day after a great workout: As a recent SoulCycle convert, I’ve been going regularly for almost two months now. Given my budget, I’ve limited myself to one class a week and even though I can feel myself getting better, I still feel the burn after each session. That little bit of soreness all over your body is kind of satisfying in an odd way. It isn’t necessarily painful or uncomfortable, just a feeling you carry with you to remind you of the hard work you did and the progress you made.


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