Pretty Little Procrastinator Costumes

Sexy doesn’t have to show a lot of skin. Today, I’ve got some classic Halloween costumes that are feminine and fun, no matter what your signature style is. Using wardrobe staples and basic DIY prowess, you can portray beautiful characters from fantasy, film, and mythology. Happy Halloween Eve!


  1. With any flowing or shiny dress, a flower crown, and lots of colorful glitter makeup, you can become a woodland nymph. Work your elementary school craft skills and turn old panty hose and wire hangers into wings.
  2. Use your little black dress, pearls, fake a tiara with a rhinestone barrette, and throw on tortoise-shell cat-eye sunglasses and black gloves à la Holly Golightly.
  3. A flowing white dress (or even a college-style bed sheet toga), plenty of golden accessories including a belt, and gladiator sandals can turn you into a Greek goddess.

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