New Clothes, New Style, New Year

I’ve been a fan of Sam Edelman shoes for some time, but I recently discovered the clothing when I stumbled across their new Beverly Hills location. Even though jumpers and jumpsuits aren’t a new trend, I’ve stayed away for a … Continue reading

We’re Going On an Appventure!

As a penny-pincher, planning trips is always an ordeal. I spend lots of time researching the most time-saving and/or cost-effective options for transportation, accommodations, and attractions. I’m laying low this holiday season, but when I do trek out into the … Continue reading

Scarf Face

In high school I unwittingly developed a bit of a reputation. I learned of my notoriety when an upperclassman asked my friend “What’s the name of the girl who always wears scarves?” I suppose there are worse things to earn … Continue reading

A White T-Shirt & Jeans & Glitz

My style addiction this season has to be embellished sweaters. I typically collect an assortment of colorful, but plain, sweaters each fall that quickly wear out and get discarded after one season. Since I love colors, my clothes are difficult … Continue reading