To Do List: Part 9

The holidays and the traveling cross-country that comes with, has taken its toll on me. Not to mention my vacations always seem to coincide with an influx of unexpected projects at work. Luckily, the week between Christmas and New Years makes LA a ghost town and I’m looking forward to the calm to prepare for an amazing 2015.

So much "work" to do...

So much “work” to do…

1. Watch more Netflix: Most 20-somethings might be ashamed of their binge-watching, but because I work in entertainment my TV obsession is easily disguised as being passionate about my job. Recently, I got addicted to HGTV, which is great except that I haven’t been dipping into my Netflix queue when my DVR is empty. Instead of getting sucked into hours of home decor porn, I need to get back to expanding my knowledge of TV history via Netflix.

2. Ration the cat food: Savannah got fat. The boy blames me, but I blame our trip to Alabama for Thanksgiving. The cat-sitters refilled the bowls when they came by and Savannah over-indulged. Scarlett has self-control, so she remains in shape. Now the boy and I have to supervise separate bowls for 30 minutes each morning and evening with half a day’s worth of food for each. It’s more trouble than refilling the bowl when it’s low, but it has been nice having an hour a day where we’re focused on the kitties; no TV, phones, computers, just quality kitten time.

3. Be kind & generous: It is easy for most of us to treat the people we know best the worst. Living with the boy has many perks, but it also means that we usually get caught in the cross-fire of each other’s bad moods. I read this article about what makes a successful relationship and it brought up obvious, but overlooked, factors. Respond to “requests for connection,” explain don’t express anger, assume good intentions, and share joy. Whether or not you are in a romantic relationship, any intimate relationship could benefit from giving the article a read. I know that I often struggle with feigning interest in something the boy gets passionate about, yet I’m willing to fake it with casual acquaintances at work.


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