Happiness: Part 8

After a nice long trip home for Thanksgiving I’ve found myself slipping deeper into the hate spectrum of my love/hate relationship with LA. For my own well-being and for those around me, I need to fall back in love with the City of Angels. So let’s focus on the parts of Los Angeles that make me happiest.

Watts Towers in south Los Angeles

Watts Towers in south Los Angeles

1. You can do anything here: Sure, it may take you a little while to get there, but you can surf, ski, visit museums and art galleries, hike, go wine tasting, escape for a weekend to Palm Springs or Las Vegas, or visit one of several amusement parks. And if you want to live and work here the career fields are almost endless. Business, technology, fashion, entertainment, sports, and we can always use more plastic surgeons.

2. Hollywood: Most people who have lived in LA for more than five minutes act very blasé about the glamor and glitz of the entertainment industry, but if you aren’t trying to appear worldly by acting jaded, it’s pretty cool. Sure, it is a little inconvenient when you find yourself bumping into crews filming TV shows or movies all over town or when traffic backed up because of a movie premiere. But I’ll be the first to admit I get a little giddy when I see a celebrity and immediately share the joy with friends from home, no matter how many times it happens. Y’all, Heidi Klum was eating at the food court in the mall. Supermodel HEIDI KLUM eats at the same mall food court I do. How cool is that??

3. 70º and sunny: When I’m feeling anti-LA, I bitch and moan about how I miss seasons. But when every other part of the country is complaining about heat waves or winter storms, I’m happy to gloat about our generally mild temperatures. I’ve lounged by the pool in January and I’ve acted like cloudy skies and a chance of rain is a near-death experience. As much as I love the leaves of fall or winter fashion, our weather is undeniably enviable.


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