Map Quest

After almost a year and a half in our apartment, we still hadn’t decided what to hang on the office walls. We’d discussed everything from movie posters to family artwork and every option in-between. For Christmas, I made the decision to surprise the boy but, as with most of my great ideas, I ran into a few obstacles before getting my desired result.

And the aging process begins

And the aging process begins

The boy had thought about posters of vintage photos of NYC, his hometown, or Los Angeles, but never found anything that caught his eye. Since he’s so sentimental, I thought he would love having vintage maps of where we were born and where we met. After searching thrift stores all over town, I found a 1964 atlas that only cost me 25¢ and had beautiful, colorful full-sized pages of each state. To amp up the vintage look, I used this method to age the pages for New York, Georgia, and California.


I flipped them occasionally to make sure they soaked through

I did things a little differently than the tutorial. After buying a can of generic instant coffee ($5 at the grocery store) I made a cup and poured it over a stack of pages on the baking sheet. After letting the pages soak, I poured out the coffee and placed the sheets in the oven for several minutes. Once dry, I went over them with an iron and they were ready to go.

Our no longer empty office wall

Our no longer empty office wall

I found cute frames, but the size I needed wasn’t available in store, so I had to wait for them to ship which delayed my Christmas surprise. However, they were very affordable (under $30 each), especially with BB&B’s notorious 20% off coupons, and they matched our office decor perfectly.

The Domino version costs $300, mine is under $30

The Domino version costs $300, mine is under $30


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