The Great Wall

Even though we’ve been in the apartment for a year and a half I still have some home decor to-dos yet to be done. One such project was creating a gallery wall in the living room. Our couch sits against a large wall which, until this weekend, was blank. I’d collected a few items I envisioned would be part of the arrangement, but last month I hit the wall decor sale at World Market to get some finishing touches.

My final creation

My final creation

I still might end up moving things around or adding pieces as time goes on, but for now I’m happy with the finished product. While my mom was in town she gave our apartment a mini facelift with new lamps and some furniture rearranging.


It takes a lot of time to look haphazard

The before was pretty great, but the after feels more complete. I started by measuring the area above the couch and taped those dimensions on the floor so I could arrange and re-arrange until I liked the layout. Then, I placed some tape at the top center of each item to keep track of where they were as I hung them on the wall.


Art from my collection

I love Brian Andreas’ StoryPeople and More Than A Princess has always been a favorite of mine. Pineapples symbolize hospitality and I got this fun gold-foil print on Etsy. I had a simple white frame on hand and used orange paint to give it a little oomph.

Old and new

Old and new

The vintage Sears ad was a gift during my fashionista phase in high school. This Antique clock was one of my World Market purchases to mix up the gallery items.


A little local flair

My mom framed this image of California she found in an old book. To the right, I came across this photo of Cary Grant walking his Siamese cat in Beverly Hills online and loved it. Not only is he a Hollywood icon, he is walking the type of cat we own on the street we live. It was too perfect not to print.


I’m so glad I finally brought it all together

Finally, we added a gold sunburst mirror and a sweet and too true birthday gift from a friend.


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