New York, I Love You

After a wonderful week visiting the boy’s family and my parents in NYC, we’re both feeling under the weather. I guess we need a vacation from our vacation.

#breakfastofchampions Don't worry there's fruit in it 🍌 #nutella #banana #crepe #nyc #food

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Our first stop was one of the boy’s childhood haunts, Le Grainne Cafe in Chelsea. I decided to start the trip with a healthy balanced breakfast, of course. We also walked the High Line and stopped by one of the boy’s former workplaces, Billy’s Bakery, for an afternoon snack.

#Aladdin on #Broadway #nyc #magiclamp #musical #theatre #wish

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We met up with my mom for a Broadway show, Disney’s Aladdin. It was the first play I’d seen in a while and true to form, Disney put on a magical spectacle.

#nyc #architecture #design #furniture #Scandinavian #antiques

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The boy’s mother works in this amazing Scandinavian and Danish antique store. While I’m not exactly their target clientele, we enjoy stopping by to say hi and marvel at the housewares.

I am #magic #love #beauty #dream #peace

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We visited ABC Carpet & Home with my mom. As a former interior designer, and her faux-protégé, we enjoyed walking around and critiquing the displays.

So much building porn this week #architecture #nyc #historic #design #architectureporn

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Whenever I visit NYC I spend most of my time looking up. Especially while visiting with a real live New Yorker, I can’t help but feel like a tourist as I marvel at the historic architecture that is often overlooked by locals.

#colorful glassware #color #kitchen #dishes #home #nyc

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If I could fill my kitchen with various colorful old-school glassware, I would.

#viewfromabove #floor #pattern #design #blackandwhite #ihavethisthingwithfloors

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I was really excited to try Dough donuts, but while waiting in line I took a picture of the fun tile pattern floor and then got so excited to eat I forgot to take a photo of my treat. We also tried Doughnut Plant while in the city.

Goodbye #nyc it's been fun! #wallstreet #architecture #architectureporn #design

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My last look at NYC until our next visit. The boy’s parents have a lovely apartment in the Financial District and this glorious view greeted me each morning.


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