Happiness: Part 9

Between traveling, being sick, and general pre-summer LA madness, I’m focusing a lot of energy on the basics. I’ve been eating healthy by cooking at home, exercising regularly, and trying to find my zen in the little things that make me happy.

Playing with panorama at Strand

Playing with panorama at Strand Books

1. Bookstores: Even though I don’t read as much as I should, I love losing track of time in a great bookstore. During my trip to New York we visited Strand Books and when my mom was in LA we went to The Last Bookstore. It’s amazing how much more satisfying it is to browse the shelves than scrolling through Amazon.

2. My new car: Last month I bought a new car. I was a very lucky teenager who got a used car for my sixteenth birthday and I was ecstatic. But I have to say there is something totally different about choosing and paying for my own car. It’s like my cat. I loved my cat growing up, but having my own is a completely different experience.

3. Sushi: Usually when it comes to food I’m all about fast and cheap. The boy has helped me develop a taste for sushi, but I try to refrain since it is a little pricey. However, one of the places we like is incredibly affordable and we recently treated ourselves to a date night that didn’t break the bank. Indulging doesn’t have to be expensive.


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