Tie the Sweater Back

Yes, it is time to get ready for summer, but when you work in an office that maintains a subarctic temperature you can never truly let go of sweater weather. With Los Angeles’ moderate weather year-round, I’m always looking for light sweaters than can transcend seasons. I noticed a number of tie-back sweaters in style this season and while they’re cute, the minimalist detailing didn’t warrant the price tags I saw.

An unassuming navy blue sweatshirt

An unassuming sweater

Club Monaco has a $150 option and a Clu style is $161. I found a navy blue sweater on the clearance rack at Target for about $12 and picked up some 1.5 inch chiffon ribbon. With a few minutes of sewing I had my own tie-back ribbon sweater for about $15.


A surprise open back with a sweet ribbon

Simply cut the sweater down the center of the back, finish the edges, and attach the ribbon at the top. For length, I made each ribbon hang just past my waist when untied. I’m still considering adding a chiffon panel like the Club Monaco version. For now, I’ll wear it with a camisole and can comfortably travel between the summer outdoors and the never-ending office winter.


An easy and 10x cheaper take on the trend


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